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Ukraine has a long and proud history of higher education, with the first higher education institutions emerging in the country as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. Starting in 1991, the country began modifying and modernizing its system to return to its roots as one of Europe’s finest higher education systems after years under the totalitarian education system. Today, the country blends both academic and practical education into its course of study.

The 2002 Law on Higher Education lays out the basic framework for studying in Ukraine. Their higher education system offers four levels of achievement:

Junior Specialist: At the junior specialist level, students attain proficiency level. Students enter the Junior Specialist level after completing the equivalent of a secondary school curriculum. The junior specialist degree takes 2 to 3 years to earn a diploma.

Bachelor: The Bachelor level degree assesses a candidate’s training, knowledge and proficiency in professional fields of endeavor such as economics, engineering, the arts and many other fields. It takes approximately four years to earn a Bachelor’s level diploma. The Bachelor degree, according to the Ukraine Ministry of Higher Education, is the first level of basic higher education.

Bachelor Specialist or Specialist: This is one level above the Bachelor degree and requires one additional year of completion. It builds upon the Bachelor level education with additional credits in the student’s chosen subject area.

Masters: A Masters Degree demonstrates innovative thinking in a subject area, and builds further upon the knowledge attained during previous educational levels. The Masters students must write and present an original paper that demonstrates his or her ability to collect, aggregate and synthesize data and knowledge in a subject. The Specialist and Masters degrees are considered a complete form of higher education in Ukraine.

The Ukraine system of higher education aims at helping students obtain practical professional experience in a chosen field. The Ukraine legislation sets for the qualifications for each position in documents such as the Directory of Qualification Characteristics.

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Official CurrencyUkrainian hryvnia
Climatecold, snowy winters and warm summers