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It may be relatively small, but there are many reasons to study in Austria, including a number of universities which rank among the world’s best.


In terms of area, Austria is no bigger than the US state of Maine, and in terms of population, it is home to fewer people than London or Paris – but Austria should not be judged by its size.


Universities in Austria are highly international. More than 15% of the total tertiary enrolment in the country is made up of international students, rising up to more than 20% if only advanced research programs are considered.


In fact, according to the OECD, 1.6% of all international students worldwide study in Austria – not a bad figure at all for a nation of such diminutive proportions.


Facts about Austria

  • Federal republic, split into nine states
  • Parliamentary democracy, headed by president and chancellor, with bicameral legislature
  • Landlocked country in central Europe, with an estimated population of 8,217,280 (according to the CIA World Factbook) and a total area of 32,377 square miles
  • Dialling code is +43
  • Uses Central European Time (UTC+1)
  • Austrian males must serve for six months in the military on reaching 18, and remain on reserve duty for eight years
  • Official language is German
  • Currency is euro (€)
  • Predominantly Roman Catholic
  • Capital city is Vienna, which is by far the largest city in the country

Austria is offering a wide range of courses from Diploma level to PhD level in nearly all subject areas. If you want to have further details for a particular course write to us at [email protected]

Austria has a limited options in terms of institutions. To discuss in detail for your admission kindly contact or email us at [email protected]

Admission Checklist

  1. Copies of All Educational Documents (Attested)
  2. Any experience Letter
  3. One Photographs (Passport Size)
  4. Comprehensive CV
  5. Copy Of Passport (One year valid, First Page, Second Page and Last Page)
  6. Two Academic Reference Letters
  7. SOP, Statement of Purpose (Be strict on it as this must be provided by student. We can give him guidance how to prepare it but finally student has to prepare it.)
  8. Contact details ( Landline number + Mobile Number + Email Address + Residential Address)
  9. Next to kin details
  10. English Test Score Report (IELTS , TOEFL, PTE)
  11. Any Previous Visa Application record (Previous Refusal)

Attestation from Austrian Embassy: You will need to attest your  documents from Austrian Embassy; this may not be required for admission but it will eventually be required for visa.

Visa Process for Austria Student Visa

After having the attestation of your documents from the Embassy (this process takes 4-8 weeks and some time more than this time), and the admission letter from the university, you can start your visa application. Application for Austrian study visa is called “Application for Residence Permit”. You apply for the visa (Residence Permit) and once your application is approved (It usually takes 4-6 weeks but not guaranteed), the embassy will call you to submit Schengen visa form. After the submission of Schengen visa form, along with your passport and the visa fees, you can get your visa in 10 days.

The form for Residence Permit Application is in German. Our team will help and guide you to fill out this form and get residence permit.

The visa (Residence Permit) fee is around 80 Euros, which you have to submit while submitting your application (along with the proof of finances, proof of accommodation, proof of travel insurance, etc.). You will pay almost the same amount for the application for Schengen Visa, at the last step.

Residence permit application is essential for students who are coming to study in Austria for a course of study having a length for more than six months. Students who want to come to Austria for less than six months do not need to apply for Residence Permit.

Proof of finances


For the Residence Permit, you have to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses for one year (around 9500 Euros- for age above 24 years). It changes a little bit every year. If your age is below 24 years, then you have to show approximately 5258 Euros or equivalent Pakistani Rupees).

Proof of accommodation


When you are applying for Austrian Residence Permit Student, you need to attach a document confirming that you have an accommodation for your stay in Austria. For that, you must have booked a room in a hostel or a student dormitory. Your university will usually arrange the proof of accommodation, if you are admitted. If they don’t have student hostel/dormitory than you have to book a hostel/dormitory at your own.

Police Character Certificate


Proof of travel insurance

Travel health insurance is a compulsory part for Residence permit from Pakistan. You have to get health insurance of at least 3 months (better to get 6 month insurance) from your estimated date of travel. You have to submit this insurance certificate with your Residence Permit Application.

Note:- For up-to date information visit the embassy website always.

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