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Studying in Kyrgyzstan gives the student a unique perspective of Asian culture and the rich traditions of ancient cultures, which have remained largely unchanged in this region. After graduation, students will be positioned to help businesses that cater to the needs of Asian countries develop their outreach and marketing programs, with a deeper understanding of Asian traditional culture.


The academic year in Kyrgyzstan typically begins with a fall semester in September and a spring semester that ends in May. The actual start and stop times of the semesters will vary depending on the university chosen. Undergraduate degree programs typically take four years to complete, while graduate degree programs take an additional one to two years, depending on what the student studies.


Kyrgyzstan has many institutes of higher education, most of which are universities, including both state and private options. Several of the universities within the country focus their studies on technology. In addition, many of the schools offer Asian studies programs, which are popular among international students looking to understand the cultural traditions of Central Asia. Instruction in the colleges and universities throughout the country may be in English or Russian, with Russian being the predominate choice.

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More about Kyrgyzstan

LanguagesKyrgyz & Russian
Official CurrencyKyrgyzstani som