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Netherlands, the country of tulips, windmills and wooden clogs, is located in the east of Europe with two sides


faced with Arctic Ocean. Its area is 41,546 km2, population is 15,6 million. The majority of Netherlands population use English as their office language. Netherlands is considered as one of the wealthiest countries in the world with a safe, reputable and friendly international educational environment.


Netherlands degrees are acknowledged all over the world. Its undergraduate education system is divided into 3 groups: universities, universities of professional education and institutes of international education. The rate of undergraduate in Netherlands is highest in the world, every 30 persons there is 1 person having bachelor degree.


English is official language used for teaching in the schools and universities in Netherlands. Undergraduate and postgraduate education in Netherlands is diversified in specialty: Economics, Informatics, Business, Environment… The advantage of undergraduate and postgraduate programs is high applicability. Alternately with the lessons, students will have discussions, self-testing, and actual problems solving sessions. This gives the graduates in Netherlands chances to find jobs with attractive payment as besides the internationally acknowledged bachelor degrees, they also possess valuable practical experience.


A course in a university in Netherlands normally lasts for 4 years with the tuition fee from 1,500 to 5,000 Euro/ year thanks for the support of 70% of tuition fee by the Netherlands Government for government universities. A master course normally lasts for 10 to 18 months and the tuition fee ranges from 10,000 to 18,000 Euro/course.


Many universities in Netherlands have preferential policy for international students and the preferential information is available at the International Relations Department of these universities. As in other European countries, living cost for studying in Netherlands is about 500 Euro/ month, students can stay in the hostels of the universities or in private flats. In order to get visa to Netherlands, students must transfer to the universities they registered the tuition and living fee for the first university year.

The admission requirements of the Netherlands universities include IELTS score 5.5 – 6.0 or TOEFL 550 or a completed test by the Netherlands universities. If the English level is not satisfactory, students can join English costs organized by the universities but not many universities in Netherlands provide this course. Therefore, you will have to make every effort to successfully make your overseas study dream come true

Study in Holland

Scholarships Up to 50%

Tuition Fee after visa approval


Foundation Year in

Science, Engineering and Computing, Business, Economics and Social Sciences,

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Business Administration
  • BA in Management with Emphasis in International Business
  • BA in International Relations
  • BA in Media Communications
  • BA in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration

                      Emphasis in Project Management

                     Emphasis in Cybersecurity

                    Emphasis in Management and Leadership

  • MA in International Relations
  • MA in Management and Leadership
  • MA in Psychology (Emphasis in Counseling Psychology)


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Admission Checklist for Netherlands / Holland

  1. Copies of All Educational Documents (Attested)
  2. Any experience Letter
  3. One Photographs (Passport Size)
  4. Comprehensive CV
  5. Copy Of Passport (One year valid, First Page, Second Page and Last Page)
  6. Two Academic Reference Letters
  7. SOP, Statement of Purpose (Be strict on it as this must be provided by student. We can give him guidance how to prepare it but finally student has to prepare it.)
  8. Contact details ( Landline number + Mobile Number + Email Address + Residential Address)
  9. Next to kin details
  10. English Test Score Report (IELTS , TOEFL, PTE)
  11. Any Previous Visa Application record (Previous Refusal)

Holland/ Netherlands VISA Process

Admit to Student Visa Approved (estimated 3-8 weeks)

Visa will be processed by University with IND Bank statement requirement is EUR 22000 for 3 months.

Once the academic admission offer is issued, the application is forwarded to the University’s Immigration Coordinator.

If financial documents meet the criteria set by the Dutch Immigration Department:

  • Student will be required to complete the forms required for the residence permit application.
  • Student will be required to send a copy of their passport.
  • Student will need to mail the original, financial documents to the University.

During the time frame while the Immigration Coordinator waits for the original documents, the student may be contacted to set up a Skype Interview. The purpose of the interview is to make sure that the students are well informed about their decision to study at their chosen university.

If financial documents do not meet the above criteria, the Immigration Coordinator will follow up with the student on what is required.

Visa Approved to Visa Issued (estimated 2-3 weeks)

When entry visa confirmation has been received by the University from the IND:

  • Student submits the tuition deposit (€8,000 – additional 500 if students requires on-campus housingwithin 7 business days of visa confirmation.
  • The deposit will be non-refundable (unless the student will be denied visa during the interview at the embassy)

à Student sets up visa interview with Dutch embassy. Please note that you may only collect your visa in a country where you have official residency and you cannot be in the Netherlands during the visa application and processing period and Student residence permits are issued for the duration of the study program with 3 additional months.

With the above estimate, a student should be able to know if the visa has been issued within 6-10 weeks from when the application has been processed (8 weeks average).

Post Study Visa

The ‘Orientation Year for Graduates Seeking Employment’ (zoekjaar) is a residence permit aimed at retaining foreign talent for the Dutch labour market. You have up to three years after graduation to apply for this one-year residence permit.

Working in the Netherlands with a student residence permit

If you hold a residence permit (VVR) as a student, you are allowed to work in the Netherlands only if you employer has a work permit (TWV). Your employer has to apply for this work permit at the UWV (information only available in Dutch).

In addition, you are allowed to work for a maximum 16 hours per week. Instead of these 16 hours a week, you may also do seasonal labour during the months of June, July and August.  In both cases the employer must have a TWV.

Note:- For up-to date information always visit website of embassy in your country. 

More about Netherlands

Official CurrencyUnited States Dollar, Euro
ClimateAtlantic Ocean, with cool summers and moderate winters.