Austria details

It may be relatively small, but there are many reasons to study in Austria, including a number of universities which rank among the world's best.
In terms of area, Austria is no bigger than the US state of Maine, and in terms of population, it is home to fewer people than London or Paris – but Austria should not be judged by its size.
Universities in Austria
Universities in Austria are highly international. More than 15% of the total tertiary enrolment in the country is made up of international students, rising up to more than 20% if only advanced research programs are considered.
In fact, according to the OECD, 1.6% of all international students worldwide study in Austria – not a bad figure at all for a nation of such diminutive proportions.
Facts about Austria
·         Federal republic, split into nine states
·         Parliamentary democracy, headed by president and chancellor, with bicameral legislature
·         Landlocked country in central Europe, with an estimated population of 8,217,280 (according to the CIA World Factbook) and a total area of 32,377 square miles
·         Dialling code is +43
·         Uses Central European Time (UTC+1)
·         Austrian males must serve for six months in the military on reaching 18, and remain on reserve duty for eight years
·         Official language is German
·         Currency is euro (€)
·         Predominantly Roman Catholic
·         Capital city is Vienna, which is by far the largest city in the country