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English & Native Language

Official Currency

Australian Dollar (AUD)


Generally Arid to Semi Arid; temperate in South & East; tropical in North

Why choose Australia?

Australia has strong educational infrastructure and quality life, both of which are relatively affordable.

Earn while you learn: Australia is one of the few countries where overseas students are permitted to work up to 20 hours each week during the academic year and full-time during vacations.

Australia has just crossed the 20 million -population marks. Australia has the bluest skies, the freshest air, the cleanest water and a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, mangoes, avocados and so on, available throughout the year. Most 'Ozzie's', as they  are  called,  live  around the wide coastal area, with the biggest city being Sydney, followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, etc.

People in Australia are extremely friendly and largely outdoor oriented, involving themselves in a variety of sports.  Dignity of Labour is an integral part of the Australian culture, with minimum wages being one of the highest world-wide. People from all strata’s of society, be it a street-sweeper or the MD of a big company, take great pride in what they do.

Of the 39 Universities in Australia, 37 are government funded. The educational system  is  essentially  non - elitist,  with  the quality of infrastructure, teaching faculty,  course  curriculum, and  extra-curricular  facilities  at  a uniformly high standard across    all  educational  bodies.  The key perceptional differences between universities are built around their age and level of research.  The  older universities  tend  to   be   more inclined  towards   research,   and  eight  such universities, called the   "Group  of  Eight" (University  of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Australian National University, University of Western Australia, Monash University,  University  of  Queens  land, University of Adelaide, and University of New  South  Wales) have established themselves  as  some  of the best in the country.

Today,  Australia  is  a  truly  multi -cultural nation, with people from all over the world including  Pakistan,  China,  the  UK,  the USA and so on, collectively forming a part of the Australian community. All leading MNCs have a base here, making it ideal for professionals.  Above all, Australia is a safe place, without racial discrimination, with an educational system based on world-class research that is still ideal in terms of value for money.

Scholarship in the Australia

Australia offer some scholarships and bursaries for certain faculties for students with strong academics. They are available to commencing international students, and / or   continuing international   students.  For   more   details log on   to The international Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) scheme is funded by the commonwealth Government .Some Universities who offer scholarships are Dakin, Griffith, Bond, Swinburne etc.

Thus  with  so  many  avenues for funding one must allow sufficient time to reap the best out of the opportunities.

More Highlights

·         Population – 21 million people.

·         Area – 7.69 million square Kames.

·         Language – English

·         GDP - $ 716 billion

·         Unemployment below 6%

·         Some states unemployment is below 4% (WA)

·         No quota or limit for visa issuance

·         Remuneration scale

·         Engineers, I.T Professionals, Accountants

·         Social Security – Unemployment benefits

·         Robust Economic Growth & High Labor Productivity

·         Low inflation & Low unemployment

·         Low inflation & Low unemployment

·         A Health-Care System that is one of the best in the world

·         World-Class education system

·         World’s most liveable cities – top cities classified in top ten in the world.

·         Superb infrastructure with impressive dynamics

·         IELTS Mandatory but No GRE or GMAT required.