What are the services you provide ?

We bring to you the best institutions / schools / colleges / universities through  which  you  can  build  your  career  effectively and internationally. We are basically, education abroad and career counselors.  We have been doing this since 2003.

How do you help me choose my international educational institution / school / college / university?

We do not show you stars. We just bring to you the facts and figures of the institutions / schools / colleges / universities by    analyzing    the   past success of the same and put in front of you which will help you choose based on its past performance.

How you help me for my admission?

We  help  you  prepare your application professionally and give you the logistic support by being in your neighborhood, as a friend.

Do I need to pay for your counseling?

NO! Our counseling to prospective students like you are absolutely free.

How do you help me in counseling?

We take into consideration, your interest, your skill sets, and your strong points and guide you accordingly.

Do you know about Cost and Living in the country?

We  give  you  details  as  the  CEO of the   company himself   has visited these countries to know the living and cost.

Do you scrutinize my documents?

Yes , we do. We will reject the application if we find the supporting documents scrupulous. We expect you to be sincere; it is the matter of your career.