about us

IQRA CONSULTANTS is a professionally managed consulting firm having head office in UK as well as associates working across Pakistan and UAE. As a growing company soon other offices will be functional other parts of the world.

IQRA CONSULTANTS is an Educational Consulting Firm Specializing in Facilitating Overseas Education and serving since last eleven years with a rich experience in this field. IQRA is authorized representative of a large number of Universities and Colleges in several developed world countries like USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Malaysia and Canada. IQRA believes in providing total solutions and all requisite assistance to students and their parents for securing admissions in overseas educational institutions.

IQRA CONSULTANTS is a Solution-Oriented Company, with a single point focus on tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles, within the constraints applicable to individual cases, whether the constraints are educational, financial or personal. Beginning with the selection of the right University and the right course, IQRA CONSULTANTS guides the whole process until the student secures admission and actually moves to the destination.

IQRA CONSULTANTS Provides First-Hand and the Latest Up-To-Date Information about available opportunities for higher education in cities and countries favored by students. The basic purpose is to help the students and their parents while making decisions that meet their individual requirements and specifications.

IQRA CONSULTANTS provides Comprehensive Information about various Universities and the courses offered by them, detailed information about financial and other assistance available at different overseas educational institutions. All the Universities that IQRA CONSULTANTS is associated with offer internationally recognized academic and/or professional qualifications.

IQRA CONSULTANTS has an Obsession with Authenticity and Quality, which continue to be the hallmark of the organization. IQRA keeps striving to maintain global quality and is always a step ahead of competition. The focus is on assisting students in charting out career paths, rather than leading them to any available degree or diploma.